Star love to use the basic paragraph LV replica bag beautiful and practical both

Fan Bingbing

In the autumn and winter 2012 fashion week shooting, Fan Ye alone love this replica bag. A simple black and white, with bright orange. Can not help but make people feel bright.

Handbag Description: This AlMA handbag made of Epi leather, stylish and full of feminine. A variety of colors can choose (orange, ruby, mint green, bright yellow, fluorescent, ivory, violet, etc.)

Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff’s refreshing match, this replica handbag played the role of finishing touch. Feel the summer wind blowing.

Handbag Description: This speedy replica bag, large space to padlock with zipper opening and closing, Damier canvas replica bag body, with round handle, is a practical fashion handbag.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie favorite of this package, no wonder all holding their own private models to shoot a large fashion it? Visible big stars not only pay attention to the beauty of the replica bag also do not forget the practicality of scruples.

Handbag Description: This shopping bag for the first time in 1968 available, has now become an elegant fashion handbags, with two pockets and a buckle for the handbag or key D-ring.

Leighton Meester

So that Queen B on the East District ladies Fan children shine behind the small arms of course, is the United States package. This Monogram Vernis unique patent leather material exudes noble luster.

Handbag profile: ALMA medium replica handbag shape from the 30’s design, has now become the House series of classic models. This handbag is designed with a hand-held design, Monogram Vernis leather cladding and closed with a buckle. A variety of colors can choose (pomegranate red, wild red, purple, coral white, etc.)