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Trained as a luggage packer for wealthy Parisian families, replica Louis Vuitton opened his first store in Paris in 1854, soon after he had introduced a revolutionary new steamer trunk using leather and lightweight gray Trianon canvas. Before these flat-top trunks, travelers used round-top trunks, which deflected water, but could not be stacked. Vuitton’s luggage was a success among world-traveling aristocrats, such as French empress EugĂ©nie.

The now-renowned luxury goods company opened its first store in London in the 1880s. To combat knockoffs, it replaced the Trianon with beige-and-brown checkerboard Damier canvas, with a monogram reading “marque L. Vuitton deposee,” meaning “L. Vuitton registered trademark.” After Vuitton died in 1892, his son, George, took the helm, and led the company to international success.

George created the iconic Monogram gold-on-brown canvas with the quatrefoils, flowers, and “LV” logos. Based on Asian-inspired designs that were popular with Europeans in the Victorian Era, the design was launched in 1896 and patented globally. In 1901, the company introduced the Steamer Bag, a little piece of luggage meant to be carried inside larger trunks. Some consider it an early predecessor to the handbag.

In 1913, Vuitton opened the world’s biggest luggage store in Paris, as well as boutiques around the world. The bags, recognized as status symbols thanks to their immediately recognizable Monogram print, got progressively smaller and more flexible, and in 1930, Louis Vuitton replica produced the Keepall, a smaller travel bag with two handles.

Its first popular handbag, the bucket-shape, drawstring-top Noe, was actually designed to hold champagne bottles when it was introduced in 1932. The 1930s Speedy, however, was designed as a purse, with a zippered top and heavy leather handles. Both featured the LV Monogram as their pattern.

World War II is a murkier period in the company’s history. A 2004 book by Stephanie Bonvicini asserts that the Louis Vuitton replica company, under the leadership of his grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, cooperated with Nazis while France was occupied by Germany during the war. But these allegations have not been made until recently.

In the 1950s, the Monogram canvas was redesigned as a more supple material for suitcases, purses, and wallets. By the 1960s, counterfeiters were going wild trying to copy this famous print, an issue the company has struggled with ever since…

How do you look at the left in Australia to take LV school bag?

It is reported that leaving the Chinese students in Australia almost everyone will have a variety or LV replica, with them as school package. This is not an exaggeration, or false argument, but a real phenomenon.

So many people exclaimed, Chinese students too rich, right? Is that really the case? I recently learned from an Australian left the mouth of a “alternative” truth. In the Australian students in the preparatory classes, looking ahead, whether it is male, female, or the old less, the head of the place are all LV Louis Vuitton classic flowers and checkerboard, which covers the LV All the style of the bag, there are some LV limited edition bag figure, you do not doubt the authenticity of these bags, they are genuine LV store genuine, rather than from the Fang Fang between the high imitation replica LV bag.

According to the Australian students introduced, Australia’s LV price cheaper than some domestic, but even cheap, a mid-range replica LV bag also need 1500 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 9,000 yuan yuan. Is still synonymous with luxury. So when one of his classmates carrying a LV classic bag in the customs gate, a female newspaper officer also half jokingly said to marry him, that he is a big rich. And this is actually only the surface of the phenomenon, in fact, these have replica LV bag MM or handsome guy, not everyone is very rich, but they can study abroad, the conditions of the home naturally will not be bad where, but Supply them three days in the foreign buy LV luxury goods, or not realistic. In Australia, gambling and prostitution are allowed, so there are some gamblers and prostitutes in these students, and even worse, to find a wealthy side, and then come back to buy these expensive luxury.

Some entry-level students, perhaps just began to contact the luxury of the time, and will not come up to buy a replica LV bag, but if you stay in this circle for a long time, if which students took a GUCCI bag, will Was ridiculed by others. Hyun Fu has become a big hobby of these students. They do not cherish these astronomical LV, like school bags like everywhere, and these are the domestic parents for their parents do not know the situation. If they know that their children in foreign students turned out to be like this, do not know what to do.

Summer LV classic old flowers replica bag with fresh law

Like the LV replica bag look at the MM, in this hot summer do not LV classic old flower replica bag collection in the closet, quickly and Xiaobian together to see a look at the LV with the model, let this summer had a beautiful and gorgeous It!

Brand: LV Louis Vuitton

Official website price: 405 pounds, 700 US dollars

RMB price: 4760 yuan

Xiao Bian Comments: LV Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Speedy will re-define the travel replica bag, arc shape to make the bag more spacious space, zipper plus lock, safe and reliable

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